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“Moses, my servant, is dead”….GOD

So basically, not to get all religious…Moses lead the people of Israel around for 40 years in the desert on the way to the Promised Land.   It wasn’t at all as easy as they thought it would be.  It was the epitome of the “Are we there yet?”  Around and around and around… they went for 40 years! Not a total waste, I believe that this historical event gave birth to Nascar…ok…a total waste.

People in that day were much to nice, much to patient, much to gullible.  If it were to happen today…as soon as Moses made two suspect lefts, we would fold our arms, look down our unforgiving noses at Moses and say, “You have no idea where the Promised Land is… do you Moe?  You can’t be leading us around the desert without sunscreen and unfiltered water…some of us are manna intolerant.  Did you even bother to check out Google Maps?”

Let’s face it Moses was a big talker, glory days, name dropper.  God showed up in a burning bush…God told me to kill the Egyptian.  When I was in the Palace….”  But they went, in hope of a better life…Finding a land that flowed of milk and honey…This is a fantasy I can relate to, because ever since I was a little girl, I wondered how much a flat with a view of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate River and frolicking Oompa Loompas went for?     

Anyway…as the years passed, right before they entered the Promised Land, which ended up being only a 2-hour drive from where they started.  Moses died.  He never even got to Build, his Beautiful.  This made his protégé Joshua and the others very sad, they stopped dead in their tracks and cried for 30 days…

There they were, looking down a valley into the land they had searched for 40 frickin’ years and they froze because they didn’t know how to live the dream without the person they tied to the fulfillment of said “dream”. Counter productive, to say the least. 

 Finally God had enough, He went to Joshua and said. “Hey! Cut it out! Moses is dead! Your dreams aren’t tied to Moses or any other person.  Get your ass’s up and go boldly into the lives you say you’ve been dreaming of.  Go figure out how to be happy.” (Paraphrased)

I realize that my moments of sadness, my darkest days where I don’t even have the courage to pass strangers in the street The days when I mourn my happiest days gone by is because I have tied my happiness to persons or an idea where I found my deepest fulfillment.  But had things stayed the same, had I never left Egypt, those days of happy would have still passed. 

My mistake is in thinking that the path I found happy on is the same path I will find happy again.  The truth is happy is as happy does.  The longer I wait for an event or person to make me happy the longer I will remain unsatisfied.  What served me in the past, most likely, won’t serve me today.  I can no longer mourn. I can no longer miss. I can no longer ask “What if?” … My servant Moses is dead. 



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