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“Bashert, (Yiddish: באַשערט), is a Yiddish word that means “destiny”.[4] It is often used in the context of one’s divinely foreordained spouse or soul mate, who is called “basherte” (female) or “basherter” (male).” Wikipedia

The idea behind soul mates originated from Greek mythology.  At that time there were these perfect humans, who had four arms and four legs.  They were perfect and much too powerful.  Zeus was afraid of them.  So he split them in two, separated them and gave them the instincts to destroy each other every time they met again until they learned all the lessons they needed to learn.  

Who the hell decided to leave that part out of every love story I have ever read, every chick flick I have ever seen?  Shouldn’t soul mates come with warning labels?  “Danger: About to Fuck You Up”…This is a class-action  just waiting to happen.  Why did Johnny Cochran have to die?   

Damn you Zeus!  I’ve spent a lifetime foolishly searching for my soul mate? My BashHeart? My BashHurtHer?…. when their very existence thrives on destroying me?  Well no more…I vote for arranged marriages.  I am looking for my ‘nothing like’ my other half.   A perfectly boring, safe union of two souls, that don’t belong together, but won’t hurt each other either.  The “Unsoul mate” a safer, fulfilling, life-long-happiness alternative.  

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